Howard Medium Power Substation User Manual

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Medium Power Substation Transformers

Document 2.4.06, Revision 4

June 2013



visually check all gaskets for cracking or other signs of

deterioration. Replace as necessary. When replacing

a gasket carefully clean mating surfaces to remove any

rust, dirt, transformer fluid, old gasket material, or other

contamination that might prevent a good seal. Use an

appropriate gasket cement when installing new gaskets.

Do not reuse old gaskets. Six months after replacing a

gasket, check and retighten if necessary.

Additional Maintenance Instructions

Contact the Howard Substation Transformer Division for

additional maintenance instructions.

Repair Parts

Repair parts can be ordered from the Howard Substation

Transformer Division. A description of the part and the

transformer serial number will be required to ensure that

the correct part has been ordered.

Warranty Claims

The Howard Substation Transformer Division should

be notified immediately when problems are discovered

during the warranty period. All warranty repairs must be

made or approved by the Howard Substation Transformer