Receiving inspection – Howard Medium Power Substation User Manual

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Document 2.4.06, Revision 4

June 2013

Medium Power Substation Transformers


These instructions apply to medium power transformers

manufactured by Howard Industries. It is important to

read the safety information on Page 2 before attempting

any installation, operation, or maintenance activities.

Although all transformers, components, and accessories

are carefully inspected and tested prior to shipment,

a thorough receiving inspection should be conducted

to detect any damage or loss that might have occurred

during shipment. The receiving inspection should be

done upon receipt and before unloading from the truck

or rail car. Note any damage or discrepancies on the

bill of lading and file a claim with the carrier, and notify

the Howard Substation Transformer Division prior to

unloading the transformer.

Impact Recorder

Impact recorders are provided on all rail shipments

and on some truck shipments. An impact recorder is

a mechanical recording accelerometer that can record

shock and impact from all directions. The impact

recorder records on pressure sensitive chart paper each

impact that has occurred, its magnitude, direction, and

time of occurrence. These impacts are recorded through

three independently operating styli in each of three

separate axes: longitudinal, lateral, and vertical.

The impact recorder should be checked for evidence

of possible damage to the transformer due to impacts

during shipment. This check should be performed prior

to unloading the transformer. A representative of the

shipper should be present when the recorder is checked.

Any evidence of damage should be noted on the bill of

lading and signed by the shipper’s representative before

the transformer is accepted. Consult with the Howard

Substation Transformer Division if shipping damage is

found or suspected.

Refer to the operating manual accompanying the impact

recorder for instructions explaining how to turn off the

recorder and to interpret the chart. If it appears the

chart recorder stopped running before arrival at the final

destination, the shutdown time should be noted and this

fact should be brought to the attention of the shipper

representative and to the Howard Industries Substation

Transformer Division.

Impacts in any axis of less than 4 G’s are considered

acceptable. Impacts in any axis of 4 G’s or greater

indicate rough handling that could potentially have

caused damage to the equipment. If rough handling

is indicated, this fact should be noted on the shipping

documents and brought to the attention of the shipper

representative and the Howard Industries Substation

Transformer Division before proceeding with inspection

of the transformer.

Drawings and Documents

locate all shipping papers, packing lists, outline

drawings, and other pertinent information. Use these

documents and this instruction manual during the


The transformer outline drawing indicates the locations

of nameplates and warning labels, and provides physical

dimensions and weights. The nameplate provides

electrical characteristics, winding connections, and

weights. The wiring diagram provides details of control,

fan and alarm wiring.



External Inspection

The following external inspections should be made at a


1. Ensure that all equipment, accessories, and

components listed on the bill of lading are


2. Ensure that there are no signs of external


3. Ensure that the paint finish has not been


4. Ensure that fittings, conduit, wiring, and other

attachments are tight and undamaged.

5. Check for evidence of fluid leakage on the tank,

valves, or cooling assemblies.

6. Check for damage to bushings.
7. Check for damage to shipping crates, packages,

or other materials shipped separately from the