Handling – Howard Medium Power Substation User Manual

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Medium Power Substation Transformers

Document 2.4.06, Revision 4

June 2013



lifting hooks are provided near the top of the

transformer tank for lifting. All four lifting hooks must be

used simultaneously. The transformer must not be lifted

from any points other than the provided lifting hooks. It

is recommended that spreader bars be used to keep

the lifting cables nearly vertical, reducing the likelihood

of tank deformation or damage to painted surfaces.

Transformers should be lifted in an upright position,

allowing no more than 15 degrees of tilt from vertical.

Jacking, Skidding, and Rolling

Jacking pads are provided at all four corners of the

transformer base for use in jacking. Do not use cooling

fins or pipes, valves, or sheet metal surfaces for jacking.

Jacking must be done from two adjacent corners

simultaneously to prevent warping of the tank bottom.

When rolling, use an adequate number of rollers to

distribute the transformer’s weight evenly. Refer to the

transformer outline drawing for the location of jacking

pads on the transformer tank.