Howard Small Power User Manual

Page 10

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Document 2.4.54 Revision 0

July 2006

Small Power Substation Transformers


8. Delta/Wye and Series/Multiple Switch

Settings. Check delta/wye and series/multiple

switch settings to make sure they are set

correctly. If these connections are made using

an internal terminal board, check to ensure

that these connections are made properly

according to the chart on the transformer

nameplate. If the transformer is equipped

with an internal terminal board, refer to page 7

for instructions and warnings prior to opening



Grounding. Check to ensure that the

transformer tank is permanently and effectively

grounded. The transformer tank ground pad is

located near the bottom of the tank.

10. Wiring. Check wiring of control and alarm

circuits (if provided) to make sure there are

no loose connections and no damage to


11. Fluid Level. Check to make sure the fluid level

is correct as indicated by the fluid level gauge.

12. Tank Finish. Check all painted surfaces

to make sure that there is no damage or


13. Bolted Connections. Check all bolted

connections for tightness.

14. Tools. Check to make sure that all tools and

equipment are accounted for and have been

removed from the transformer.

15. Fluid Temperature. Read the fluid temperature

gauge and make sure the temperature is no

lower than minus 20°C before the unit is