Norgren 223 Series User Manual

Pressure protection valves 223–series, Performance, Features

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The Pressure Protection Valve assembly is intended to isolate a portion of a vehicle air system if a leak

occurs, so that the integrity of the remaining system is retained. This valve to mount on an air tank.


The Pressure Protection Valve assembly is designed for use on vehicle air systems with a normal duty

cycle between 100 and up to 150 PSIG in a temperature range of –40°F to +200°F. The valve, as mounted

on the vehicle, is unprotected from the environment and is subjected to vibration conditions similar to

the vehicle.

Part Number


Opening and Closing Performance

Refer to Pressure Protection Valve Cross Reference document.

Air Line Connection

Threaded 3/8" NPT and 1/2" NPT inlet fittings and 1/4" NPT and 3/8" NPT female outlet.


Air tank


Zamak 3


Norgren GT Development 223 Series Pressure
Protection Valves are designed for convenient,
in-tank mounting, with either 3/8" or 1/2" NPT
threads. Configuration includes dual outlets, with
a variety of closing pressures to best match the
customer’s application.

Our policy is one of continued research and development. We therefore reserve the right to amend,

without notice, the specifications given in this document.

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