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Safety Information



bizhub PRESS C7000/C6000



Precautions for Installation and Use


Safety Information

This section contains detailed instructions on the operation and maintenance of this machine. To achieve op-
timum utility of this device, all operators should carefully read and follow the instructions in this manual.

Please read the following section before connecting the machine to the supply. It contains important infor-
mation related to user safety and preventing equipment problems.

Please keep this manual in a handy place near the machine.

Make sure you observe all of the precautions appear in each section of this manual.



Some parts of the contents of this section may not correspond with the purchased product.

Warning and precaution symbols

The following indicators are used on the warning labels or in this manual to categorize the level of safety warn-

Meaning of symbols

Ignoring this warning could cause serious injury or even death.

Ignoring this caution could cause injury or damage to property.

A triangle indicates a danger against which you should take precaution.

This symbol warns against cause burns.

A diagonal line indicates a prohibited course of action.

This symbol warns against dismantling the device.

A solid circle indicates an imperative course of action.

This symbol indicates you must unplug the device.

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