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Operation Precautions



Operation Precautions

To ensure the optimum performance of this machine, observe the precautions described below.


Power source

The power source requirements are as follows.

Use a power source with as little voltage or frequency fluctuations as possible.


Operating environment

The environmental requirements for correct operation of the machine are as follows.


Operating temperature: 10°C (50°F) to 30°C (86°F)


Humidity: 10% to 80%


Storage of copies

To store copies, follow the recommendation listed below.


Copies that are to be kept for a long time should be stored where they are not exposed to light or high
temperature in order to prevent them from fading or sticking together.


Adhesive that contains solvent (e.g., spray glue) may dissolve the toner on copies.


Ozone release

During print operation, a small quantity of ozone is released. This amount is not large enough to harm anyone
adversely. However, be sure the room where the machine is being used has adequate ventilation, especially
if you are printing a high volume of materials, or if the machine is being used continuously over a long period.


Direct sunlight

Do not install the machine and its options in a place exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise the machine per-
formance may be degraded or any trouble may be caused.


North America

Europe, Southeast
Asia, Australia


208 V to 240 V AC

220 V to 240 V AC


60 Hz

50-60 Hz

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