4 power plug, 5 grounding, 6 installation – Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C6000 User Manual

Page 13: Power plug -4, Grounding -4, Installation -4

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Safety Information



bizhub PRESS C7000/C6000



Power Plug





Do not unplug and plug in the power cord with a wet hand,
as an electrical shock could result.

Plug the power cord all the way into the power outlet. Failure
to do this could result in a fire or electrical shock.

Do not tug the power cord when unplugging. Pulling on the
power cord could damage the cord, resulting in a fire or elec-
trical shock.

Remove the power plug from the outlet more than one time a
year and clean the area between the plug terminals. Dust that
accumulates between the plug terminals may cause a fire.

Do not place any objects around the power plug, as the pow-
er plug may be difficult to pull out when an emergency oc-

Connect the power cord to an electrical outlet that is
equipped with a grounding terminal.

Do not place a flower vase or other container that contains
water, or metal clips or other small metallic objects on this
product. Spilled water or metallic objects dropped inside the
product could result in a fire, electrical shock, or breakdown.
Should a piece of metal, water, or any other similar foreign
matters get inside the product, immediately turn OFF the
power switch, unplug the power cord from the power outlet,
and then call your authorized service representative.

Do not use flammable sprays, liquids, or gases inside or near
this machine. Do not clean the inside of this machine using a
flammable gas duster. A fire or explosion could result.

After installing this product, mount it on a secure base. If the
unit moves or falls, it may cause personal injury.

Do not place the product in a dusty place, or a site exposed
to soot or steam, near a kitchen table, bath, or a humidifier.
A fire, electrical shock, or breakdown could result.

Do not place this product on an unstable or tilted bench, or
in a location subject to a lot of vibration and shock. It could
drop or fall, causing personal injury or mechanical break-

Do not let any object plug the ventilation holes of this prod-
uct. Heat could accumulate inside the product, resulting in a
fire or malfunction.

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