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Safety Information



Perfect Binder


Authentication Unit (IC Card Type) AU-201

Do not use the perfect binder without ventilation for an ex-
tended period of time. Ensure to ventilate the room on a reg-
ular basis. It is recommended that the perfect binder should
be installed in a place with a local exhaust system. Using the
perfect binder in a room without appropriate ventilation could
pose health hazard.

Handle melted hot paste carefully. If it gets in the eye, do not
rub nor tray to open the eye, but cool it with cold water im-
mediately and consult a doctor.

Do not touch melted hot paste as it may cause burn injury. If
it sticks on your skin, cool that part of the skin with cold water
immediately and consult a doctor.

Do not touch the paste tank unit immediately after you turned
off the machine to avoid burn injury. Wait until the unit is no
longer hot when you handle it directly with your hands.

Do not put the paste hopper and the paste tank unit close to
fire. Paste is flammable and easy to catch on fire.

Do not get close to the vapor emitted from melted hot paste.
If you have irritation in or around your eyes, nose or throat,
move to an area where you can get fresh air.

Do not block up the vent for the fan on the back of the perfect
binder. This will prevent the discharge of heat, and may
cause fire or breakdown.

Do not change the temperature setting for the paste tank
unit. This may cause fire or breakdown.

Do not use this product near water, otherwise it may be dam-

Do not cut, damage, modify or forcefully bend the USB cable.
A malfunction may occur as a result of a damaged or cut UBS

Do not diassembly this device, otherwise it may be damaged.

Do not store the IC card within 40 mm of the card scanning

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