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bizhub PRESS C7000/C6000



Safety Information



Disassemble and Modification


Power Cord


Power Source

Do not attempt to remove the covers and panels which have
been fixed to the product. Some products have a high-volt-
age part or a laser beam source inside that could cause an
electrical shock or blindness.

Do not modify this product, as a fire, electrical shock, or
breakdown could result. If the product employs a laser, the
laser beam source could cause blindness.

Do not scratch, abrade, place a heavy object on, heat, twist,
bend, pull on, or damage the power cord. Use of a damaged
power cord (exposed core wire, broken wire, etc.) could re-
sult in a fire or breakdown.
Should any of these conditions be found, immediately turn
OFF the power switch, unplug the power cord from the pow-
er outlet, and then call your authorized service representa-

Use only the power source voltage specified on the machine.
Failure to do that could result in a fire or electrical shock.

Do not use a multiple outlet adapter to connect any other ap-
pliances or machines. Use of a power outlet for more than the
marked current value could result in a fire or electrical shock.

Do not use an extension cord in principle. Use of an exten-
sion cord could cause a fire or electrical shock. Contact your
authorized service representative if an extension cord is re-

The outlet must be near the equipment and easily accessible.
Otherwise you can not pull out the power plug when an emer-
gency occurs.

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