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Installing the printer driver




When used with Windows

The installation procedure for the Windows printer driver differs depending
on how this machine is connected to the computer and depending on which
printer driver is used. The installation method also differs depending on the
version of Windows that you are using. Refer to the table below for the ap-
propriate procedure for installing the printer driver on your computer.



For details on installing the printer driver in a network environment, refer
to “Setting up network printing” on page 3-1. Because it is necessary to
specify other network settings in advance when installing the printer driv-
er using a network connection, install it using a local connection at this

To install the printer driver under Windows XP, Windows Server 2003,
Windows 2000, or Windows NT 4.0, log on using a user name that is au-
thorized by the administrator.

Printer driver


Refer to

Konica Minolta
PCL Driver
Konica Minolta
PostScript Driver
FAX driver

All connec-
tion methods

“Automatic installation using the installer” on page 2-3

Konica Minolta
PCL Driver
Konica Minolta
PostScript Driver
PostScript PPD
FAX driver

Network con-

“Installing the printer driver using the Add Printer Wizard”
on page 2-6
“For Windows 2000/NT 4.0” on page 2-9
“For Windows XP/Server 2003” on page 2-6

USB connec-

“Installing the printer driver using Plug and Play” on
page 2-11
“For Windows 2000” on page 2-11
“For Windows XP/Server 2003” on page 2-12