For mac os 9.2, For mac os 9.2 -19 – Konica Minolta bizhub C550 User Manual

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Installing the printer driver




If connecting using Rendezvous, the Bonjour settings on this ma-
chine must be specified. For specifying the Bonjour settings, refer
to “Printing with Macintosh” on the User’s Guide [Print Operations].

When “IPP” is selected as the protocol in IP Printer, the text box for
entering the queue name appears. For Mac OS 10.3, leave the
queue name text box empty. For Mac OS 10.4, enter “ipp” in the
queue name text box.


Select “KONICA MINOLTA” from the “Printer Model” drop-down list.


Select “KONICA MINOLTA C550 PS”, and then click the [Add] button.

The selected printer is registered in the printer list.

For Mac OS 9.2

After connecting this machine, it can be used as a printer by selecting “Post-
Script printer” under “Chooser” and by specifying the printer description
(PPD) File.

First, copy the printer description (PPD) file onto the Macintosh computer.


Insert the printer driver CD-ROM into the computer’s CD-ROM drive.


Open the desired folder on the CD-ROM that contains the printer driv-
er. Select the specified folder according to the printer driver to be used,
the operating system, and the language.


Select PPD file “KONICAMINOLTAC650UVxxx.ppd”, and then copy it
into the “Printer Descriptions” folder in “System Folder” – “Extensions”
of “Hard Disk”.