Konica Minolta bizhub C550 User Manual

Page 50

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Installing the printer driver






Be sure to restart the computer.



Even if the printer driver is deleted using the method described above,
the model information file will remain in the computer. Therefore, the driv-
er may not be able to be overwritten when reinstalling the same version
of the printer driver. When installing the same version of the printer driver,
be sure to also delete the files described below.
Check the “C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86” folder and
delete the folder of the corresponding model if it is available. If the Konica
Minolta PCL driver, the Konica Minolta PostScript driver, and the fax driv-
er are all installed, the model information of all drivers is deleted. If anoth-
er driver is remaining, do not delete it.
Delete the “oem*.inf” and “oem*.PNF” files in the “C:\WINDOWS\inf”
folder. (The asterisk (*) in the file name displays a number, and the
number varies according to the environment of the computer.) Before de-
leting the files, open the INF file, check that the model name is described
in the last several lines, and then check that the file of the corresponding
model is available. The PNF file is the same number as the INF file.