Print reports, Print reports -2 – Konica Minolta bizhub C550 User Manual

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Various settings



The User Settings screen appears.



An item can also be selected by pressing the key in the keypad for the
number beside the desired button.
For [2 User Settings], press the [2] key in the keypad.

To quit specifying the Utility mode settings, press the [Utility/Counter]
key. Otherwise, cancel the Utility mode by touching [Close] in each
screen until the screen for the Copy, Fax/Scan, or Box mode appears.

To return to the Utility screen, touch [Close] until the desired screen ap-
pears. You can also touch the menus in the left panel to return to the Util-
ity screen.

Print Reports

You can output the following four types of reports. The report output method
here is explained in the PCL font list.

Configuration Page: Outputs a list of this machine’s settings.

Demo Page: Outputs a test page.

PCL Font List: Outputs the PCL font list.

PS Font List: Outputs the PS font list.



For details on displaying the User Settings screen, refer to “To display the
User Settings screen” on page 5-1.


In the User Settings screen, touch [5 Printer Settings].