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BMW Motorrad zūmo Owner’s Manual



• Though a PDA stylus can also be

used to operate the touch screen,

never attempt this while operating

a vehicle. Never use a hard or sharp

object to operate the touch screen or

damage may result.

Avoiding Theft

• To avoid theft, remove the zūmo and

mount from sight when not in use.

• Use the Garmin Lock

feature. See

page 6


About GPS Satellite Signals

Satellite Signals

Your zūmo must acquire GPS (Global

Positioning System) satellite signals

to operate. If you are indoors, near tall

buildings or trees, or in a parking garage,

your zūmo cannot acquire satellites.

Go outside to an area free from tall

obstructions to use your zūmo.
When your zūmo has acquired satellite

signals, the signal strength bars on the

Menu page are green

. When it

loses satellite signals, the bars turn red or



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