BMW zumo Motorrad zmo User Manual

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BMW Motorrad zūmo Owner’s Manual





Manage Trip Log—view the current

trip log usage. This is shown as a percent

of the total available space. You can

manage the most current 10,000 points

of trip data on your zūmo. Beyond

10,000 points, the zūmo moves the

oldest trip data from the current log to

an archive file on the zūmo’s internal

memory. Archive files can store up

to 1 MB each, and a maximum of

20 archive files can be stored on the

internal memory, depending on the space

available. Using this method, the zūmo

can store as many as 200,000 points of

trip data for very long rides.

NoTE: Archived trip logs are

intended to be used on your

computer with MapSource,

Google Earth, or myGarmin Web

site. Archived trip logs are not

visible on the zūmo.

To view available space in your Garmin

drive, connect the zūmo to your

computer, and select the Garmin drive.


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Clear Trip Log—reset the trip log

before your next big trip. Clearing a

large trip log may take a few minutes.

Save As Route—select and save a

recent trip log as a route. This allows

you to reuse recent trip data. For

more information about routes, see

page 12


To view your trip log on the map, touch




Trip Log




View Pictures—view pictures saved to

your Garmin drive or SD card. Touch

a thumbnail to view the image. Touch

the image again to zoom using and

. Touch the picture and drag to view

different parts of the picture.
To share pictures with another

zūmo user:

1. Touch a thumbnail.
2. Touch