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BMW Motorrad zūmo Owner’s Manual



Using a Remote Antenna

You can use an optional external remote

antenna (Garmin GA 25MCX). To

purchase, go to


, and click



Pull back the weather cap from the MCX

connector located on the back of the

zūmo, and connect the antenna.

Caring for Your zūmo

Your zūmo contains sensitive electronic

components that can be permanently

damaged if exposed to excessive shock

or vibration outside normal motorcycle

or automobile use. To minimize the

risk of damage to your zūmo, avoid

dropping your unit and operating it in

extreme high-shock and high-vibration


Cleaning the Unit

The zūmo is constructed of high-

quality materials and does not require

user maintenance other than cleaning.

Clean the unit’s outer casing (not the

touch screen) using a cloth dampened

with a mild detergent solution, and

then wipe dry. Avoid chemical cleaners

and solvents that can damage plastic


Cleaning the Touch Screen

Clean the touch screen with a soft, clean,

lint-free cloth. Use water, isopropyl

alcohol, or eyeglass cleaner, if needed.

Apply the liquid to the cloth, and then

gently wipe the touch screen.

Protecting Your zūmo

• Carry and store your zūmo in the

included carrying case.

• Do not store your zūmo where

prolonged exposure to extreme

temperatures can occur (such as in

the trunk of a car), because it can

cause permanent damage.