GrimmSpeed Battery Tie Down User Manual

GrimmSpeed For the car

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GrimmSpeed Install Guide Series

Battery Tie Down

Updated 15/5/12

Introduction: This guide will illustrate the installation of the GrimmSpeed Battery
Tie Down. The difficulty here is low, so take your time and enjoy the job!

Tools: The tools listed below are suggested for this task. Optional tools are noted.

- 10mm deep well socket and ratchet

Tips: If you don’t feel like fishing the j-bolts out from under your car, take your time

and be careful not to drop them!


1. Begin by collecting your tools and popping your hood. This’ll be quick!

2. Remove your factory battery tie down by loosening the two (2) 10mm nuts.

The threaded j-bolts are simply hooked to the chassis of the car, so hold onto

them while you unscrew the nuts.

3. Take out your GrimmSpeed tie down and decide how you’d like it to be

oriented in the engine bay. The shorter of two j-bolts goes towards the back

of the car. Get that one started with a nut on the tie down.