GrimmSpeed BRZ/FR-S Pulley Cover User Manual

10mm socket/ratchet 5mm allen

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GrimmSpeed Install Guide Series

Installing the GrimmSpeed BRZ/FR-S Pulley Cover

Updated 4/23/14

This guide will illustrate the installation of the GrimmSpeed Pulley
Cover. The difficulty here is super low, so take your time and enjoy the job!

Tools: The tools listed below are suggested for this task (figure 1). Optional tools
are noted.


10mm socket and accompanying ratchet


5mm Allen Wrench


Pliers (helps release clips)

Figure 1: Tools

Tips: Use care to not drop the anodized spacers into your engine bay, but if you do,
don’t burn yourself while you reach for them!



Begin by collecting your tools and popping your hood. This’ll be quick!


Now, remove your factory alternator and a/c compressor covers. This will
require a 10mm socket. Set the nuts and the cover aside, you will not be
needing them.

10mm socket/ratchet

5mm Allen