GrimmSpeed License Plate Relocation User Manual

Remove factory cover

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GrimmSpeed Install Guide Series

Installing the GrimmSpeed Dodge Dart License Plate Kit

Updated 2/6/13

Introduction: This guide will illustrate the installation of the GrimmSpeed License
Plate Relocation Kit for the Dodge Dart.

Tools: The tools listed below are suggested for this task (figure 1).

- 17mm socket or wrench

- 5mm hex wrench

- 3mm hex wrench

Tips: A little bit of anti-seize on the main bolt will help prevent corrosion between

the aluminum bumper beam and the kit.


1. Begin by collecting your tools and parking your car in a safe spot.

2. First, locate and remove the factory tow hook cover using a small

screwdriver. Use care to not damage your paint.

Remove Factory Cover