GrimmSpeed Subaru Reverse Downpipe Adapter User Manual

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GrimmSpeed Install Guide Series

Installing the GrimmSpeed Reverse Downpipe Adaptor

Updated 2/5/13

Introduction: This guide will illustrate the installation of the GrimmSpeed Reverse
Downpipe Adaptor. This adaptor will help you mate your stock downpipe to an

aftermarket 3in catback while still properly using the factory donut gasket.

Tools: The tools listed below are suggested for this task (figure 1). You will also
need wrenches for whatever hardware you’re currently using for the DP to Catback.

- 14mm socket or wrench

- 17mm socket of wrench
- Ratchet

Tips: Clean gasket surfaces thoroughly to ensure a great seal!


1. Begin by collecting your tools safely raising your car.
2. With your downpipe and catback fully installed except for this junction,

assemble the gaskets and adaptor as shown below.

Factory Downpipe

Factory Donut Gasket

GrimmSpeed Adaptor

GrimmSpeed 3in Gasket

Aftermarket Catback