If you have problems using windows on your mac, If the screen is blank or distorted, If you can’t rename the windows partition – Apple Boot Camp (OS X Lion) User Manual

Page 10: If you have a raid configuration

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To reinstall a specific driver:
If you need to reinstall specific drivers, you can install one driver at a time. For example,
if your Mac’s built-in camera isn’t working, you can reinstall just the camera’s driver.

Individual drivers are in the Drivers folder on the CD, DVD, or external disk with the
Windows support software.


Insert the CD or DVD or connect the external disk with the Windows support software.


Quit AutoRun if it opens.


Using Windows Explorer, locate the driver that you want to reinstall.


Open the driver to start the installation.

If You Have Problems Using Windows on Your Mac

If you’re having trouble using Windows on your Mac, try the solutions below.

For more troubleshooting information, go to www.apple.com/support/bootcamp.

If you see “No Boot Disk Attached” when starting up your computer

You may have formatted your Boot Camp partition incorrectly so it cannot start up
your computer. Start up your computer with Mac OS X and open Boot Camp Assistant.
Remove the Boot Camp partition and then re-create it. Install Windows again, being
sure to format the partition.

If the screen is blank or distorted

Some graphics cards may not work with both Mac OS X and Windows on a Mac
computer. If you’re having trouble with your screen display when using Windows, try
the following:


Use the graphics card that came with your Mac.


Make sure you’ve installed the Boot Camp drivers. See “Step 4: Install the Windows
Support Software” on page 8.


Adjust the screen resolution setting in the Display control panel.


Go to www.apple.com/support/bootcamp and check for compatibility information
and updated software for your computer.

If you can’t rename the Windows partition

You can rename the Windows partition only in Windows. Start up in Windows and
right-click the C: drive in Windows Explorer. Then type a name.

If you have a RAID configuration

RAID configurations using Boot Camp are not supported. For more information, go to
www.apple.com/support/bootcamp and search for “RAID.”