Step 1: check for updates, Step 2: prepare your mac for windows – Apple Boot Camp (OS X Lion) User Manual

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Step 1:

Check for Updates

Be sure to install all Mac OS X updates so Windows installs successfully.

To check for updates:


Log in to an administrator account on your computer, quit all open applications, and

log out any other users on your computer.


Choose Apple () > Software Update.

Install all available updates. If your computer restarts after installing an update, choose
Apple () > Software Update again to install any additional updates.


Go to and check whether you need additional


Step 2:

Prepare Your Mac for Windows

Boot Camp Assistant helps prepare your Mac for Windows by creating a new partition
for Windows and then starting the Windows installer. Optionally, you can download
the Windows support software and copy a Windows 7 ISO image to a USB flash drive.


If you’re using a portable computer, connect the power adapter before


To prepare your Mac for Windows:


Open Boot Camp Assistant, in the Utilities folder.


Select the option to add a Windows partition, select other options you need, and then

click Continue.
Here are the other options you can choose:


If you want to install Windows from a USB flash drive and you have a Windows 7 ISO
image, select the option to copy the image to a USB flash drive. If this option isn’t
available, your computer doesn’t support installing Windows from a USB flash drive.


If you haven’t already downloaded the Windows support software for this computer,
select the option to download it. In a later step, you’ll install the Windows support
software on your Windows partition.


Follow the onscreen instructions for the options you selected.


When you’re asked to create a partition for Windows, choose the partition’s size.

If you need help determining the best size for your Windows partition, refer to your
Windows installer documentation.

In a later step, you’ll format the Windows partition.