If you have problems installing windows, If windows didn’t install properly, If the windows installer isn’t responding – Apple Boot Camp (OS X Lion) User Manual

Page 8: If you insert the wrong disc during installation, Step 4: install the windows support software

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If You Have Problems Installing Windows

If you have problems installing Windows, try the following solutions.

If you get a message saying “Installer Disc Not Found” when installing Windows

Make sure you’re logged in to Mac OS X as an administrator.

If Windows didn’t install properly

Verify that you’re using an original, full version of Windows 7 Home Premium,
Professional, or Ultimate.

Restart your computer and hold down the Option key until one or more disk icons
appear on your screen. Insert the Windows installation disc into the optical drive or
insert the USB flash drive with Windows 7 into a USB port on your computer. Select
the Windows installation disk icon and then click the arrow beneath it. Quickly press
any key on your keyboard to start the installer. Follow the onscreen instructions to
repair or reinstall Windows.

If the Windows installer isn’t responding

Be sure you are using the original keyboard and mouse that came with your computer.

If you’re using an Apple mouse, the Windows installer may not respond if the
mouse is connected directly to your computer. Connect the mouse to the USB port
on your keyboard.

If you insert the wrong disc during installation

Eject the disc by holding down the Eject key on your keyboard, the button on your
mouse, or the button on your trackpad while restarting the computer.

Step 4:

Install the Windows Support Software

After installing Windows, install Mac-specific drivers and other support software for
Windows. The support software installs Boot Camp drivers to support your Mac’s
hardware, including AirPort, its built-in camera, the Apple Remote, the trackpad on a
portable Mac, and the function keys on an Apple keyboard. The software also installs
the Boot Camp control panel for Windows and the Apple Boot Camp system tray item.

To install the Windows support software:


If you can’t find the CD, DVD, or external disk with the support software you

downloaded, open Boot Camp Assistant and download the software again.
You can quit the assistant after you save the software without creating a new partition.