Removing windows from your computer, Learning more, support, and feedback – Apple Boot Camp (OS X Lion) User Manual

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Removing Windows from Your Computer

How you remove Windows from your computer depends on whether you installed
Windows on a second disk partition or on a single-volume disk.

If you installed Windows on a second disk partition: Using Boot Camp Assistant as
described below, remove Windows by deleting the Windows partition and restoring
the disk to a single-partition Mac OS X volume.

If your computer has multiple disks and you installed Windows on a disk that has only one
Start up in Mac OS X and use Disk Utility, in the Utilities folder, to reformat it
as a Mac OS X volume.

To delete Windows and the Windows partition:


Start up in Mac OS X.


Quit all open applications and log out any other users on your computer.


Open Boot Camp Assistant.


Select “Remove Windows 7,” and then click Continue.


Do one of the following:


If your computer has a single internal disk, click Restore.


If your computer has multiple internal disks, select the disk with Windows on it,
and then select “Restore to a single Mac OS partition” and click Continue.

Learning More, Support, and Feedback

For more information about Boot Camp, go to
For Boot Camp support, go to
Apple welcomes your feedback on Boot Camp. To submit feedback, go to

Apple does not provide support for installing or using Microsoft Windows software.
To find help for Windows issues, go to