Spyclops SPY-DVR Kit (ALL KITS) User Manual User Manual

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Subject: What you want your emails subject line to be

Interval: Select this option if you want an automatic email sent periodically with

screenshots in seconds *Note: there are 3600 seconds in an hour

Click “Test” to test your email settings

3.6 Video detection:

Select “Setup”, select “System setup”, select “Video detection”

Channel: Choose which camera view you want to set up detection on

Sensitivity: Choose the right trigger video detection sensitivity. “Highest” is very sensitive, while

“Lowest” lets some movement occur before recording

Detection: Set this option to alert you if there is “motion” on the camera, if there is “video loss” (the

camera gets unplugged) or “video Cover” (if the camera view is covered)

Alarm duration: you can choose the duration for which the alert sounds

Area edit: You can use this option with “motion” or “cover”.

With “motion” the recording will start when something moves within the selected area

With “cover” the DVR will insert a black box in the selected area to cover the video in that area

*Note: First right click and select “Clear all” then either click each individual box, or you can left click and

drag to select an area

Alarm: This Option is not available in current models

Buzzer: When this option is selected, the DVR will sound a buzzer (the duration of which you will select on

alarm duration) when it detects motion, loss or cover

Email Notice: An email will be sent as an alert when motion, loss or cover is detected

*Note: You have to complete the Email setup in “Network setup” to enable this option