15 6.0 smartphone access – Spyclops SPY-DVR Kit (ALL KITS) User Manual User Manual

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5.1 EseeNet+ app:

I-Phone/I-Pad: For I-Phone or I-Pad users use this link to install Esee Net+


Android: For Android users, use this link to install Esee Net+


To add a device, select the + next to My Device.

Choose IP address or Eseenet ID for Add Model.

For IP address log in, enter the IP address of the DVR or your DDNS URL if one has been set up.

Then enter the User ID and Password of the DVR, then select the Max channel

For Eseenet ID log in, enter the Esee number from your DVR in the Device ID space and the

username and password of the DVR.

For remote viewing of recorded video, select the Playback icon at the bottom of the Device List page.

You can select your camera, channel, and recording mode and search.