4 1.0 introduction – Spyclops SPY-DVR Kit (ALL KITS) User Manual User Manual

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1.1 Main Menu Introduction

Right click the mouse and you will find the main menu (it can also be accessed by pressing the “MENU

key). The main menu consists of the following components:

X1 view Click to view which channel you want to view
X4 view Click to view 4 channels
Video playback Shortcut to the “video playback” option
Manual record Set manual recording for one or all channels by choosing the “All on” option. To

turn off click the “All off” option for all or one channel

PTZ control Shortcut to PTZ. Use this option to set the “Presets” for PTZ cameras
Volume If you are recording audio along with video you can adjust the recording volume here

*Note: If you are recording audio as well as video, you need to go to the “Encode setup” option and choose

“AV stream” for the “Encode mode”

Setup Goes to the “setup” menus
Shutdown Shortcut to “shutdown” the system


2.1 User Management

The default admin user has no password set up, to set up a password you need to highlight admin, then

select “set password”. Skip the “old password” field (since it defaulted blank) and add a “new


*Note: This will need to be done in order to view the DVR remotely

You may add a new “user”, but remember that if you want the new user to have access to setup,

system tools AND remote you need to check the “super user” box, otherwise you can select what this

user can see/do in the checkboxes displayed under “username” and “password”. Hit “OK” and save


If you add a new “user” and forget to assign permissions, simply select the user and choose “Edit user”

to the right. You can then either pick ‘super user”, assign each permission separately or select

permissions by group of “setup”, “system tools” or “remote”

This is also where you can delete users. Simply highlight the user you no longer want and hit “delete

user”, don’t forget to click “yes” and “ok”

*Note: if you forget your password, you can reset it by pushing the up arrow on front of the DVR 10 times

to reset the unit back to the default user