Spyclops SPY-DVR Kit (ALL KITS) User Manual User Manual

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3.7 PTZ Setup:

*Note: To control the PTZ, You must connect the wires to the RS-45 port on the back of the DVR

Channel: Choose which camera view you want to work with

Protocol: Choose the “protocol” required for your device. Both protocols require an additional

RS-485 data cable

Device ID: Assign an ID number to each channel (camera view)

Baud rate: We suggest using a “baud rate” no higher than 9600 to avoid errors. Please refer to your

cameras specifications for the baud rate that is best for your device

Tour position list: This is where you set up each camera “tour”. First, highlight the line in which

you want to add your preset, then click the box with the question mark. Use this box to position the

camera to the desired view, then click store. You then need to assign how you want each position

to hold by selecting “keep time”. If you change a preset, simply click “update” after you are done

reconfiguring. To delete a preset, highlight the tour you want to delete and click “remove”

*Note: You can set up to 32 presets to play back to back

To run your tour use your mouse and right click to select “PTZ control” key then click “go to” after

checking “√” the “tour start” box