Spyclops SPY-DVR Kit (ALL KITS) User Manual User Manual

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2.4 Factory setting

Factory reset “all” or each setup choice you choose


3.1 General Set-up

Date time: This option is used to set up the date and time. If the wrong information is left populated, the

DVR will not record properly

*Note: click “Apply” to save date and time changes

Date format: [year, month, day], [month, day, year], [day, month, year]

Auto Logout: When enabled, the DVR will automatically logoff the present user if there is 10 minutes

without operation. They will need to login again to operate the device

Key buzzer: “Enable” will activate a beep when the DVR buttons are pushed. “Disable” will prevent

beeps from sounding when the buttons are pushed

Language: You can select one of six different languages

Standard: “PAL” is default setting. “NTSC” is the standard for North America and will need to be selected

for a clearer picture. If you are outside of North America you will need to check to see what standard

your country uses

*Note: Any time you change the resolution, the system will have to be rebooted to make changes

3.2 Screen Set-up

Channel: This will select each camera view so you can adjust each one accordingly

Color Adjust: To adjust Hue, Brightness, Saturation, and Contrast of each channel as needed. You can

copy your configuration to either another channel or all channels.