Starting commissioning unpacking proper use – IKA RH basic 2 User Manual

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RH b2dKT

The IKA RH basic 2; RH KT; RH basic KT/C or the IKA RH digi-
tal KT/C is a stirring instrument with heating function. It is used
in e.g. laboratories of the chemical industry, in scools as well
as in pharmacies. The instrument is suitable for tempering sub-
staces which are placed on the heating plate in vessels. By
means of a built-in stirring drive and with the help of a magne-
tic bar within the vessel, the substances can be stirred at the
same time. The mixing intensity is dependent on the motor
speed and on the size of the magnetic bar. The Der RH basic
KT/C and RH digital KT/C also has a contact thermometer
connection in compliance with requirements of DIN 12 878 and
an adjustable safety circuit.

Please unpack the equipment carefully and check for any dama-
ges. It is important that any damages which may have arisen

Check whether the voltage specified on the type plate matches
the mains voltage available. The power socket used must be eart-
hed (protective earth conductor contact). Before tuning on the
machine, adjust the turn dial for controlling the spped so that it is
against the left stop. If these conditions are met, the device is
ready to operate after plugging in the mains plug. If these proce-
dures are not followed, safe operation cannot be guaranteed
and/or the equipment may be damaged.
Observe the ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.)
listed under Technical Data.

The heating stirring features can be turned on and off by pressing
the unit switch A).

Version RH basic 2 and RH basic KT/C:

The ready for opera-

tion and turned on states of the device are indicated by the

lamp in
the unit




Proper use

during transport are ascertained when unpacking. If applicable a
fact report must be set immediately (post, rail or forwarder).
The delivery scope covers: an RH basic 2 / RH basic KT/C or RH
digital KT/C and operating instructions.

Clicking noises may occur as a result of material expansion
during heating and cooling.
Caution: Only process and heat up any media that has a flash
point higher than the adjusted safety temperature limit (max
400°C for RH basic 2, 100°C to max. 400°C for RH basic KT/C and
RH digitall KT/C.

Please observe the relevant safety information and guidlines as
well as work protection and accident prevention requirements for
use in the laboratory.
Only a specialist may open the device.

Use only original IKA accessories.