IKA RH basic 2 User Manual

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RH b2dKT

Version RH digital KT/C:

The LED displays (C and D) will start to flash and display a code
when a fault is present. The fault codes and troubleshooting pro-
cedure are as follows:

Fault code LED Cause


E 2


Inner tempera- Switch off the unit and allow it
ture too high

cool down. Check that the venti-
lation slots on the bottom are not
blocked and that cooling air can
circulate freely.

- S -


Safety circuit

Reduce the temperature setpoint

is triggered

or reset the safety circuit where

E 2


No pulse to the Switch off the unit. Trace the
reading fork

external cause blocking the

(faulty reading stirring drive. If you cannot find
fork, faulty

and visible cause, clean the unit

motor or sei-

and return it for repair.

zed motor)



Not put contact Contact plugs put
Break and/or

exchange the contact



of the contact-


Switch off the unit. Clean and


return for repair.

Version RH basic 2 and RH basic KT/C:

The warning light (I) flashes to indicate that a fault is present. To
remove a fault condition, proceed as follows:

• Switch off the unit and allow it to cool down.
• Trace and remove the cause of the fault.
• Switch on the unit.

If the fault persists, clean the unit and return it for repair.

The H 16 V support rod can be screwed into the threading on the
right behind the housing as follows:

• Remove the plastic cap and washer from the support rod and

screw off the hex nut.

• Place the washer and hex nut on the beginning of the threa-

ding on the housing and hold them in place.

• Screw the support rod into the nut and threading of the hou-

sing and counter-tighten the hex nut.

The IKA RH basic 2; RH basic KT/C or RH digital KT/C is mainten-
ace-free. It is subject only to the natural wear and tear of compo-
nents and their statistical failure rate.
When ordering spare parts, please give the manufacturing
number shown on the type plate, the machine type and the
name of the spare part.
Please send in equipment for repair only after it has been cleaned
and is free from any materials which may constitute a health
hazard. Use only cleansing agents which have been approved by
IKA to clean IKA devices. To remove use:

isopropyl alcohol

Construction materials water containing tenside / isopropyl alcohol

water containing tenside / isopropyl alcohol


water containing tenside


water containing tenside

Error - Messages

Mounting - Support rod H 16 V

Maintenance and Cleaning