Function stirring function heating – IKA RH basic 2 User Manual

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RH b2dKT

The stirring rod in the glass beaker with a maximum lenght of
60mm is driven by a permanent magnet located directly under the
placing and heating surface. It allows magnetic field lines to pass
trough it. The permanent magnet is fastened directly onto the drive
shaft of the motor.

The actual speed depends on the load and voltage. Note that fluc-
tuations in the in the mains power voltage within the allowable
tolerance and changes in viscosity of the materials to be stirred
resulting from processes they undergo may also cause minor fluc-
tuations in the speed.

Version RH basic 2 and RH basic KT/C: The speed of the motor
can be adjusted on the “Mot” dial (B) with a scale from 0 to 6 (C).
The scale values from 0 to 6 on this dial correspond roughly to
speeds ranging from 0 to 2000 rpms. The maximum speed of
2000 rpms is reached when the dial switch is turned all the way to
the right and there is no load on the motor.

Version RH digital KT/C: Set the motor speed using the “Mot”
knob (B); the knob has a graduated scale from to maximum rpm.

The temperature of the heating plate of the instrument is kept con-
stant by a control circuit. In addition, it is monitored by a safety cir-
cuit. The required temperature sensor (a thermo-couple) is instal-
led in the heating plate. The RH basic unit has a stainless steel sur-
face plate with a heating output of 400Watt.
RH basic KT/C and RH digital KT/C units have a enamel-coated
stainless steel surface plate with a heating output of 500 Watt.

Version RH basic und RH basic KT/C: The temperature of the
heating plate can be adjusted on the „Temp“ turn dial (E) with a
corresponding scale from 0 to 6 (F). The scale values from 0 to 6
correpond approximately to area temperatures up to a max. of 320
°C. When the setting is at 0, the device does not heat the medium
up at normal room temperature.

During the heating phase, the signal light (I) lights up orange (oran-
ge = power is being supplied to the heating plate; signal light off
= no power being supplied)

Version RH digital KT/C: The temperature of the heating plate
can be adjusted on the „Temp“ turn dial. When you change the
knob setting, the LED display (G) will the show the SETPOINT
temperature and the warning light (K) will light up. After approx. 3
seconds the LED display will switch back to showing the ACTUAL
temperature and the warning light (K) will switch off.

The temperature indication now constantly changes between
actual temperature (25 sec) and target temperature (5 sec).

When you select the SETPOINT temperature and as the unit heats
up, the warning light (K) will remain off and the LED display (G)
will show the ACTUAL temperature of the surface plate in the
range from 0°C to +320°C.

Function Stirring

Function Heating

Version RH digital KT/C: When you switch on the stirrer it will
run a self-test and all the LED segments of the displays will light

up for a
After this,
the LED’s
(D; G) light
up to indi-
cate that
the unit is
up and
ready for

The motor speed is shown on the LED display (D). When the
motor is stopped the speed “0” will be displayed. When the motor
is operating, the display will show the current speed in the range
100 to 2000 rpm.