Limiter of safety temperature – IKA RH basic 2 User Manual

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Version RH basic KT/C and RH digital KT/C: RH basic KT/C and
RH digital KT/C versions: The ”Safe Temp” set screw (H) is to the
left of the ”Temp” knob (E) on the front operator panel.

You can use the „Safe Temp“ set screw (H) of the safety tempe-
rature limiter to adjust the desired safety temperature. If the desi-
red safety temperature is exceeded by a higher adjusted target
temperature, of if there is a defect in the instrument controller, the
heating turns off permanently in this state and the stirring func-
tion continues to run at the speed that was set prior to the

• Using a straight-edge screwdriver, turn the “Safe Temp” adjust-
ment screw (H) as far as it will go clockwise (to the right).
• Do not turn the screw beyond the natural right or left limit of
rotation, as this will destroy the potentiometer.
• Use the “Temp” turn dial (E) to adjust the set-point temperatu-
re to desired safety temperature (”Safe Temp”).
• Turn the “Safe Temp” set screw (H) slowly to the left until the
heating function switches off and the signal light (I or J) goes off.
Wait for about one more minute to ensure that the signal light ( F
) going off does not merely indicate the end of a switching cycle of
the heater. If the signal light (I or J) turns on again within this time,
you must repeat the procedure, slowly turning the “Safe Temp”
(H) adjustment screw to the left again.
When the signal light (I or J) does not light up again within one
minute, the safety temperature is correctly set.
• After this, turn set “Safe Temp” adjustment screw (H) back
slightly to the right (clockwise).
• After you have turned the unit switch (A) of and back on again,
the device is ready for operatin.


When the “Safe Temp” (H) adjustment screw is set to

the minimum level (as far as it will go to the left) the heating func-
tion is turned off.

The safety temperature limiter makes it possible to adjust the
maximum temperature of the heating plate (safety temperature).
This ensures that the temperature of heating plate does not
exceed the flame point of the material. The value to be set must
be determined by trial and error and should generally fall about 20K
below the flame point of the medium.
RH basic 2 devices have a safety circuit with a fixed setting that
limits the temperature of a heating plate to 400°C.
RH basic KT/C and RH digital KT/C devices have an adjustable
safety circuit. The maximum temperature of the heating plate can
be adjusted within a range from 100°C to max. 400°C.


RH b2dKT

Limiter of safety temperature


The haeting plate of
the version RH basic

KT/C and RH digital KT/C only
heats up,
if the contact plug
has been plugged
(the contact
plug is undetachably fitted to the
instrument), or if an ETC 1 and/or
a contact thermometer has
been connected.

Adjusting the safety temperature
limit “Safe Temp” (Vers. KT)

The red warning light (J) will light up while heating is in progress.
(Red warning light ON = surface plate heating power supply is ON;
red warning light OFF = surface plate heating power is OFF).