Accessories – IKA RH basic 2 User Manual

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RH b2dKT

For materials which are not listed, please request information from
IKA. Wear the proper protective gloves during cleaning of the devi-
ces. Electrical devices may not be placed in the cleansing agent for
the purpose of cleaning.
Before using another than the recommended method for cleaning
or decontamination, the user must ascertain with the manufactu-
rer that this method does not destroy the instrument.
Version RH basic KT/C and RH digital KT/C

Information for Care and Maintenance of the HeatingPlate with
Technical Enamel Coating

The technical enamel makes the heating plate easier to care fort
and more resistant to acids and bases. Because of it, however,
theheating plate is also more susceptible to extreme fluctuations
in temperature and the force of impact. This can result in cracks
forming or the coating flaking off.

Make certain that the bottom of the placing vessel is even, clean
and dry. The bottom of the placing vessel must not have any sharp
grooves, sides or edges. Remove residues of bases and immedi-
alety. We recommend most strongly that you clean the heating
plate regularly.

RS 1

set of stirring bars

H16V support rod

H 15

bath top


PTFE stirring bar remover

Vers. KT
H 36

holding rod


H 44

cross sleeve


Recommended IKA-stirres

TRIKA-stirrer PTFE, triangular, length 55mm


dia 8mm lengths 25, 30, 40 and 50 mm