Charts, Blueant x3 micro quick start guide – BlueAnt X3 User Manual

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Headset overview

1 Indicator LED

2 Multi Function Button (MFB)

3 Volume Control + -

4 Removable Ear Hook

5 Speaker

6 Microphone

7 Charging Port


Audio indicator chart

Power on

Ascending melody

Power off

Descending melody

Pairing success

Pairing success melody

Volume adjustment

Short beep. When the maximum volume has been achieved a

long beep tone will sound.

Incoming call

Mobile phone ring tone or Headset default ring tone - depends

on the mobile phone in use.


Short beep tone

Low battery warning

Low battery tone

Long press

Long beep tone

Short press

Short beep tone

BlueAnt X3 micro Quick Start Guide

Headset State

LED Indication

Power on

Blue indicator blinks twice

Power off

Red indicator blinks twice

Pairing mode

Red & Blue indicator alternates.


Purple indicator blinks twice and then Blue & Red indicators alternate.

Standby mode

Blue indicator blinks once every 4 seconds

Sniff mode

Blue indicator rapidly blinks twice every 4 seconds

Incoming call

Purple indicator blinks once per second


Blue indicator rapidly blinks 3 times every 4 seconds


Red indicator on

Charging complete

Red indicator off

Voice dialing

Blue indicator blinks once per second


Red indicator blinks once per second

Low battery

Red indicator rapidly blinks twice every 5 seconds

LED Indicator Chart