Feature, Operation directions – MBT Lighting FMLOWFOG User Manual

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The ground fog machine is an item which can produce fantastic effect in a home party or vocal concert. It can be used in household or
business place. It is designed with the following features:

1) easy to use and move;
2) appropriate gentle fog output on the ground;
3) easy maintenance

Unpack the box, please check the following components:

① . A set of FMLOWFOG
② . Timer remote
③ . Water collection bag
④ . User Manual
⑤ . Drain tube

Please observe the following directions while using this machine:


1. Fog machine with SVT type power supply cord is only for residential usage!

2. Fog machine with SJT(W) type power supply cord can be used both for residential or commercial usage!

Operation Directions

1. Remove all the packing before use. Please contact with your vendor if you find any destroy or missing parts.