Maintenance & servicing – MBT Lighting FMLOWFOG User Manual

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2. Place the machine horizontally and loose the tank lid to pour the high quality fogger liquid.
3. Connect water collection bag to drain tube
4. Connect the machine with proper power supply (120VAC, 60Hz).
5. connect the timer remote to the FMLOWFOG and press button POWER on timer remote down
6. when the LED indicator of button POWER is on, open the ice compartment and put into ice

Please note that it is normal for your fogger to have a recycling period after long bursts when the unit will shut itself down for a short
period in order to heat up to pre-set temperature. During this time no fog can be produced.

Maintenance & Servicing

1. Unqualified fogger liquid maybe results in block or leakage. Please choose and use our high quality fog liquid.
2. Please clean the machine not more than 40 hours with the mix cleaner consist of 80% pure water and 20% vinegar as follows.

1) Before using, dismantle and clean the filter with vinegar to ensure there is no any remainder.
2) Empty the tank, and then pour clean liquid instead of fogger liquid again for next operation.
3) Assemble the filter and pour the fogger liquid again for next operation.

3. Clean ice compartment after usage with clean water, pour the water in water collection bag out.
4. Cut off the power when pour fogger liquid, and check liquid, fuse, control switch and power plug carefully.
5. If no exceptions turn on and push the button 30 seconds, no fog sprays also. Please contact with your vendor.
6. For long idleness be sure to unplug the power, and put away the water collection bag