07 declaration of conformity – Tweco FP-55 User Manual

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Date: 5/1/00 (Special)



1.07 Declaration of Conformity

Manufacturer: Thermal Dynamics Corporation

Industrial Park #2
West Lebanon, New Hampshire 03784

The equipment described in this manual conforms to all applicable aspects and regulations of the ‘Low Voltage Direc-
tive’ (European Council Directive 73/23/EEC as amended by Council Directive 93/68/EEC) and to the National
legislation for the enforcement of this Directive.

Serial numbers are unique with each individual piece of equipment and details description, parts used to manufacture
a unit and date of manufacture.

National Standard and Technical Specifications

The product is designed and manufactured to a number of standards and technical requirements among them are:

* CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standard C22.2 number 60 for Arc welding equipment.

* UL (Underwriters Laboratory) rating 94VO flammability testing for all printed-circuit boards used.

* ISO/IEC 60974-1 (BS 638-PT10) (EN 60 974-1) (EN50192) (EN50078) applicable to plasma cutting equipment and associ-

ated accessories.

* Extensive product design verification is conducted at the manufacturing facility as part of the routine design and

manufacturing process. This is to ensure the product is safe, when used according to instructions in this manual and
related industry standards, and performs as specified. Rigorous testing is incorporated into the manufacturing
process to ensure the manufactured product meets or exceeds all design specifications.

Thermal Dynamics has been manufacturing products for more than 30 years, and will continue to achieve excellence in our
area of manufacture.

Manufacturers responsible representative:

Giorgio Bassi
Managing Director
Thermal Dynamics Europe
Via rio Fabbiani 8A
40067 Rastignano (BO)