05 power supply basic parts replacement – Tweco FP-55 User Manual

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4. Faulty components in unit

a. Return for repair or have qualified technician

repair per Service Manual.


Torch cuts but not adequately

1. Current set too low

a. Increase current setting.

2. Torch is being moved too fast across workpiece

a. Reduce cutting speed (refer to Instruction

Manual supplied with torch).

3. Excessive oil or moisture in torch

a. Hold torch 1/8 inch (3 mm) from clean surface

while purging and observe oil or moisture
buildup (do not activate torch).

5.05 Power Supply Basic Parts



Disconnect primary power to the system before dis-
assembling the torch, leads, or power supply.

This section describes procedures for basic parts replace-
ment. For more detailed parts replacement procedures,
refer to the Firepower 55 Power Supply Service Manual.

A. Cover Removal


Remove the upper screws which fasten the cover to
the main assembly.


Lower screws

Upper screws

Ground wire

Figure 5-3 Cover Removal


Loosen, but do not remove, the lower screws, then
carefully pull the Cover up and away from the unit
to gain access to the inside of the unit.


There is a ground wire connection to the inside of
the unit. There is no need to disconnect the ground
wire, unless there is a need for more room to work.


To reinstall the cover, complete the following:

a. Reconnect the ground wire, if necessary.

b. Place the cover onto the frame so that it rests on

the lower screws.

c. Tighten lower screws.

d. Reinstall and tighten the upper screws.