We appreciate your business, You are in good company – Tweco FP-95 Mini MIG User Manual

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Congratulations on your new Thermal Arc product. We are proud
to have you as our customer and will strive to provide you with
the best service and reliability in the industry. This product
is backed by our extensive warranty and world-wide service
network. To locate your nearest distributor or service agency call
1-800-752-7621, or visit us on the web at www.Thermalarc.com.

This Operating Manual has been designed to instruct you on the
correct use and operation of your Thermal Arc product. Your
satisfaction with this product and its safe operation is our ultimate
concern. Therefore please take the time to read the entire manual,
especially the Safety Precautions. They will help you to avoid potential
hazards that may exist when working with this product.


The Brand of Choice for Contractors and Fabricators Worldwide.

Thermal Arc is a Global Brand of Arc Welding Products for Thermadyne
Industries Inc. We manufacture and supply to major welding industry
sectors worldwide including; Manufacturing, Construction, Mining,
Automotive, Aerospace, Engineering, Rural and DIY/Hobbyist.

We distinguish ourselves from our competition through market-
leading, dependable products that have stood the test of time. We
pride ourselves on technical innovation, competitive prices, excellent
delivery, superior customer service and technical support, together
with excellence in sales and marketing expertise.

Above all, we are committed to develop technologically advanced
products to achieve a safer working environment within the welding