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Manual 0-5122

3.01 Location

For best operating characteristics and longest unit life,

take care in selecting the installation site. Avoid locations

exposed to high humidity, dust, high ambient temperature,

or corrosive fumes. Moisture can condense on electrical

components, causing corrosion or shorting of circuits.

Dirt on components will retain this moisture and also

increases wear on moving parts.
Adequate air circulation is needed at all times in order

to assure proper operation. Provide a minimum of 12”

(300mm) of free air space at both the front and rear of

the unit. Make sure that the ventilation openings are not



The FP-95 is not suitable for use in rain.

3.02 Safety

Refer to additional installation instructions under the


in this manual.

3.03 Grounding

The internal frame of this welding machine should be

grounded for personal safety. Where grounding is manda-

tory under state or local codes, it is the responsibility of the

user to comply with all applicable rules and regulations.

Where no state or local codes exist, it is recommended

that the National Electrical Code be followed.

3.04 Electrical Input Requirements

Plug the input cord into a properly grounded and protected

(by fuse or circuit breaker) mains receptacle capable of

handling a minimum of 20 Amperes. The Firepower FP-95

requires a 120VAC supply voltage.



The Firepower FP-95's power cord is equipped with a

NEMA 5-15P plug and will only connect to a NEMA 5-15P



Consult the nameplate for proper input voltage

and input amperage. The method of installa-

tion, conductor size, and over-current protec-

tion shall conform to the requirements of the

local electrical code. All installation wiring

and machine connection shall be done by a

competent electrician.

The National Electrical Code (Article 630B) provides

standards for amperage handling capability of supply

conductors based on the duty cycle of the welding power

source. The FirePower 95 has a 17% duty cycle (1 minute

and 40 secondss of every 10 minutes can be used for

welding).The power cord supplied with this unit complies

with these standards. Ensure that the building supply and

receptacle comply with NEC standards and any additional

state and local codes.


The supply wiring for the welding power source

must be capable of handling a minimum of 20

amperes. The welding power source must be

the only load connected to the supply circuit.

Poor unit performance or frequently opening

line fuses or circuit breakers can result from

an inadequate or improper supply.


Do not connect the FirePower 95 to an input

power supply with a rated voltage that is

greater than 120 +10% VAC. Do not remove

the power cord ground prong.