Tweco 9-1001 User Manual


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In the Automated Plasma cutting process, cut quality is
usually of paramount importance. In order to achieve the
most consistent cut edge bevel angle on all sides of the
workpiece, it is essential that the torch be exactly
perpendicular to the workpiece. While leveling the
workpiece is generally accomplished using a spirit level, it
has always been difficult to assure the torch was perfectly

The 9-1001 Torch Bubble Level is easily attached to most
cutting torches with a 1-3/8” diameter mounting tube. The 9-
1001 can easily contribute to maximizing the performance of
many plasma cutting systems.

To order the 9-1001 Torch Bubble Level please call Thermal
Dynamics Customer Service Department at 1-800-752-7621.

For additional Automated Plasma Cutting service please call
TDC Plasma Automation at 1-888-832-3477

Automated Plasma Cutting

Torch Bubble Level

Cat. No. 9-1001