Great Plains 1700TT Rolling Harrow Only Assembly Instructions User Manual

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Assembly Instructions for the Rolling Harrow


Effective Date 04/04/05

Your initial action is to locate the correct drag frame (61). Bolt the drag frame to the rear drag

plates located on the rear of your Great Plains Turbo Till, using 5/8x1 ½ hex bolts [(43) 802-051C] with
5/8” hex nuts [(25) 803-021C] and 5/8” lock washers [(26) 804-022C]. The rolling harrow gangs shown
in figure 4 will come to you assembled. Your next step is to locate the ball joint assemblies [(59) 589-
064H]. Figure 4 shows you the dimensions to mount the ball joint assemblies on the rolling harrow

Mount the rolling harrow brackets [(60) 589-057H] to the under side of the drag frames

according to the dimensions in figures 1-3, using a 5/8x3x4 ½ u-bolt [(44) 806-183C] with a lock
washer and nut. You may tighten the u-bolts on all the brackets that are closest to the rear of the
machine. Leave the front brackets loose to slide until the rolling harrow assemblies are hung under the
frame. Use the 1x4 hex bolt and 1” nylock nut through the harrow brackets (589-057H) and ball joint
assemblies [(59) 589-064H] to hang the rolling harrow gangs under the frame. Be careful to put the
proper gang in the proper location and be sure that the assemblies are positioned correctly as shown in
figure 4. When all gangs are hung under the frame and positioned in the correct location, tighten the
remaining u-bolts.