Stored voice operation – Motorola minitor v User Manual

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more, the alert monitor decodes tones on either F1 or F2
provided the alert monitor has listened to the appropriate
channel at the correct time. However, it should be noted
that if the alert monitor is listening to traffic on F2 and an
alert is transmitted on F1, the alert monitor will not hear
that signal until the transmission on F2 is finished.

Therefore, an emergency alert could be missed if the alert
monitor is listening to traffic on one channel with tones
being sent out on the other channel. Scan back time is
set to 0.25 seconds. To ensure reliable alerting, it is
recommended that this feature only be used when the first
tone duration transmitted is one second or more.


Selective Call Position:
In this position, the message is simultaneously stored as
you receive the voice communication. The message
recording cycle is complete under any of the following

• When the maximum message length is complete
• When the squelch circuit no longer detects carrier signal
• When the delayed “N” cycle is complete
• When the timed-out reset cycle is complete

If channel traffic occurs after the page and message, and
before carrier signal is lost, that will also be stored in
memory. After storage is complete and carriers drops, the
alert monitor responds according to the programmed reset
mode. The alert monitor can be reset by pressing the
RESET button at any time.