Introduction, Inspection, Battery types – Motorola minitor v User Manual

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Congratulations on your purchase of the Motorola MINITOR
V Alert Monitor. Motorola’s advanced technology offers
unique features and benefits that set the industry standards
for performance, reliability, and styling. The compact alert
monitor is offered in a variety of models including:

• One-Frequency Standard with VIBRA-Page™
• One-Frequency Standard Stored Voice and VIBRA-Page™
• Two-Frequency with Scan and VIBRA-Page™
• Two-Frequency Store Voice with Scan and VIBRA-Page™

Other user programmable options are available to provide a
wide selection of features and special applications.

Verify the model number information located on the label on
the back of the alert monitor. Inspect the equipment
thoroughly. If any part of the equipment has been damaged
in transit, report the extent of the damage to the
transportation company immediately.

The alert monitor is powered by one rechargeable Ni-MH
battery pack.