Motorola minitor v User Manual

Page 14

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Scan/Monitor Positions
In these positions, the message is stored only when a
properly encoded message is received. Other
communications monitored on the channel that do not
alert your monitor are not stored.

Selective Playback of Message(s)
To playback a particular message in memory, press the
PLAYBACK button. Pressing once replays the newest
message in memory. Twice replays the second most
recent message and

so on. Messages cannot be played

back during message recording.

You may also playback older messages by pressing the
PLAYBACK button as you are listening to a message. If
you are listening to the most recent message, and want to
listen to an older message, press the PLAYBACK button
while listening to the current message. The playback
switches to an older message if it is still in storage.

If there are no messages in memory, a “memory empty”
tone is heard while the PLAYBACK button is pressed.

NOTE: A message is considered read if playback has
been initiated for more than 30 seconds or the end of the
message is reached, whichever occurs first.

Battery life depends upon the number of calls received
and length of each call, capacity and charge of the
battery, and the mode of operation. A battery gauge,
located between the knobs on top of the pager can be