Audible/visual alert indicators, Function switch, Channel monitoring – Motorola minitor v User Manual

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message and alert tone is increased. Rotating the control in
the opposite (counterclockwise) direction reduces the audio
level, and turns the alert monitor off.

Audible/Visual Alert Indicators
When your alert monitor is initially turned on, both the red
and amber LEDs on the control panel light and an alert tone
is sounded until the decoder circuit power-up is complete.
Thereafter, whenever a properly encoded message is
received, the red LED flashes and an audio alert is sounded.

If the battery voltage falls below the level required for reliable
operation, a low battery pulse tones sounds and the red LED
flashes. Following any subsequent audio message, the

momentary low battery pulse tone is repeated until the
battery pack is recharged or replaced. If the function switch
is set to a vibrate position, just the red LED flashes to
indicate a low battery state.

Function Switch
According to the specific model ordered, the function switch
will be configured to 4 positions. Different function modes
(monitor/selective call, scan, etc.) can be configured for any
position of the switch.

Channel Monitoring

When the function switch is set to a monitor position,
all voice communications on the selected channel is
heard through the

speaker. When monitoring channel 1 or

2 all ordered alert options are functional.
Reset Button
After receipt of a properly coded message and after
completion of that message, the alert monitor will
automatically reset to the programmed operational mode