External speaker jack, Belt clip feature, Stored voice model features and controls – Motorola minitor v User Manual

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(see Field Installed Options section for reset options).
Some of these reset functions will place the pager in the
monitor more. In these cases, or when the manual reset
function is programmed into the pager, press the reset
button to return your alert monitor to the standby mode.

External Speaker Jack
When the alert monitor is used in high-noise environments
or when privacy is needed, an optional Motorola approved
lapel speaker or earpiece can be connected to the
external accessory jack located on the top control panel.
The jack is fitted with a protective plug.

NOTE: To prevent entry of dust and moisture, the plug
should be inserted whenever the external accessory jack
is not being used.

Belt Clip Feature
An integral part of the clip on the back of your monitor is a
security hook. This hook is intended to allow easy removal
of the alert monitor, while at the same time preventing the
unit from being pulled off your belt.

Scan (Two-Frequency Models Only)
All alert monitors that are equipped with two frequencies
are capable of scanning the two channels for selective call
or monitoring purposes.
The alert monitors that include the stored voice feature can
store up to 8 minutes of voice messages. Messages are
stored according to their length. If preferred, the alert
monitor can be programmed for stored voice fixed message
lengths of 30, 60 or 120 seconds. Messages can be deleted