Caution, Perations, Power switch – Bissell 15D6e User Manual

Page 6: Handle position, Pet hair lifter, Transporting cleaner

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Power Switch


he power switch is located on the left

side of the vacuum. Push the rocker

switch “ON” (1) to vacuum, and “OFF”

(0) when cleaning is complete.

Handle position

Press the handle release pedal, located

on the lower left side of the vacuum,

with your foot to place your vacuum

into one of three cleaning positions.
1. Upright-
For storage and above floor

cleaning with tools.

2. Normal Cleaning- Press handle release

pedal once. Use for most household floor

cleaning tasks.

3. Low Cleaning- With the vacuum in

normal cleaning position, press handle

release pedal again. Use for reaching

under low furniture such as tables, chairs

and beds.

Pet Hair Lifter

Use to pick up pet hair from carpeted

surfaces. Just vacuum like you normally

would. The vacuum will grab pet hair

when you pull back and it will release

hair and suction it up when you push


Transporting cleaner

To move your vacuum from room to

room, put the handle in the upright

position, tilt the vacuum back on its rear

wheels and push forward.
The vacuum can also be moved by

using the carry handle.




Before using your vacuum, make sure

that the dirt container is in locked

position and that all filters (inner circular,

outer circular, pre-motor and post-

motor) are in place. Do not operate

your vacuum without these filters.

Pet Hair Lifter